In the complicated and intimidating world of research and evaluation, working with Bee’s Knees Consulting was a breath of fresh air for our program and staff. After some struggles with making sense of all of our program’s evaluation priorities, Bee’s Knees provided us with clarity and set us on a path to stronger impact measurement and analysis. The experience also gave us great insight into exciting, insightful, and fun strategies for engaging our stakeholders in our program’s evaluation processes. Thanks to Bee’s Knees we have improved our program’s culture around data and are moving forward with stronger systems.
— Colleen Holohan, Director, Massachusetts Promise Fellowship
Gretchen reviewed every single evaluation instrument we use in our program—both qualitative and quantitative…. With each instrument, Gretchen was able to provide immediate, useful feedback to me about how to structure questions and what kind of information would be gathered depending on that structure….She helped me plan for data I should be collecting not only this year, but also how my data needs might change in future years depending on what I learn over time…She helped me see my data collection efforts as a whole—how each instrument complements each other.
— Amy Copperman, Program Director, AmeriCorps Legal Advocates of Massachusetts