Program design and evaluation for social good

We make the complex simpler, starting where you are and developing with you.

  • Partnering with nonprofits, educators, technologists, and foundations
  • Building evaluation capacity and strong program design
  • Leveraging the best data for the best purposes
  • Communicating results and the "whys" behind your program and evaluation powerfully
  • Tailoring strategies, studies, tools, training, and coaching to meet your goals


internaL evaluation

Not sure where to start or how exactly to advance your evaluations? We've done it all--designed surveys, rubrics, and observation tools; articulated theories of change; built and vetted databases; collected, cleaned, and analyzed data; juggled data requests; created visuals; led data review meetings; hired evaluation staff at all levels; set multi-year strategies; and budgeted and raised money for evaluation. We've been there, and we're ready to help.

External Studies

Need a third party study? We design and implement small-scale studies, bringing quantitative and qualitative expertise. We've worked with some of the top firms and university research groups in the world. We also help write grants to fund studies. And, if you are thinking of hiring another evaluator or firm, we'll help you find the right one, assess your readiness, and advise you on the best study design for your program. When the results are in, we'll help you share the findings in clear, accurate, and compelling ways.


Want to learn more about evaluation and other approaches to program design? Trying to build a positive culture of data within your organization? Want some new tools and tricks to help you tell your story? We're experienced in teaching all kinds of people, from the data-phobic to the nerdiest of nerds.